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Pancasila University
Institution Accreditation
ISO 21001:2018

Work Culture

In order to achieve organizational goals that have been implemented, Pancasila University has organizational cultural values that are agreed upon, understood and must be practiced by all academics. These values are known as "IKHLAS", which function as Instrumental Values based on the Noble Values of Pancasila as Fundamental values. The IKHLAS has an extension:
IIntegrity, meaning that every Pancasila university employee must fear God Almighty and prioritize honesty and responsibility in carrying out their duties.
KCompetent, meaning that every Pancasila University employee has competence (hard skills and soft skills) in advancing Pancasila University according to their roles and functions.
HHarmony, meaning that every Pancasila University person is able to maintain and maintain harmony in diversity/difference.
LLoyalty, meaning that every Pancasila university employee has loyalty to Pancasila and the Pancasila University Institution, including its vision and mission.
AEnthusiasm, meaning that every Pancasila University employee has high enthusiasm in completing the tasks for which they are responsible.
SSolidity, meaning that every member of Pancasila University is able to work together and be compact in improving the quality of academic and non-academic services for sustainable performance improvement.

The Instrumental Values of "IKHLAS" are translated into Praxis Values which are operationalized by the academic community into 5 (five) C namely; Commitment, Competence, Conscience, Compassion And consistent. Through the application of these three layers of values (Fundamental – Instrumental – Praxis) in campus – community – nation – and state life, it is hoped that the academic community and graduates of Pancasila University will have adaptive characteristics to the development of science and technology and the times, be productive in their respective main tasks and functions, be innovative in mindset of resource management, as well as being contributive to society, nation and country wherever Pancasila University employees work.