Graduate School
Pancasila University
Institution Accreditation
ISO 21001:2018



Becoming an Excellent Postgraduate School in Increasing the Nation's Competitiveness, Internationally Oriented Based on the Noble Values of Pancasila


  1. To organize a quality educational process based on the noble values of Pancasila;
  2. To develop science and technology greater and sound environmentally in order to increase national independence;
  3. To provide services for the community in an effort to improve community welfare and the competitiveness of SMEs;
  4. To build a Network, national and international cooperation in an effort to fulfil applied personnel in society


The goal of the University of Pancasila’s School of Postgraduate as referred to our mission is to prepare for

  1. Smart graduates in accordance with the area of expertise on the basis of Pancasila moral ethics;
  2. Research-outcome as referred to national and international references applicable for the needs for the community, nation and a national government;
  3. Public service is used for the improvement of community welfare and the competitiveness of SMEs in a sustainable manner;
  4. A strategic, synergistic and sustainable partnership based on the principles of benefits and fairness;

Work Culture

In order to achieve the organizational goals that have been implemented, Pancasila University has organizational cultural values that are agreed upon, understood and must be practiced by all academics. These values are known as "IKHLAS", which functions as Instrumental Values based on the Noble Values of Pancasila as Fundamental values.

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