Graduate School
Pancasila University
Institution Accreditation
ISO 21001:2018

Master of Management Study Program

Head of the Master of Management Study Program

Dr. Agustinus Miranda Widjaya, SE, SH, MM, M.Kn.

Secretary of the Master of Management Study Program

Dian Riskarini, SE, MM

About Masters in Management Study Program


Master of Management Program – is a Graduate School Program at Pancasila University with a Master of Management degree for young executives/entrepreneurs who have work experience. The preparation of our MM Program is adapted to the demands of the dynamic world of work so that our graduates have the ability to transform into young and dynamic professionals, creative, innovative and with a sustainable outlook. The objective of this program is to prepare competent leadership candidates and transform human resources from resources to capital. Our graduates are prepared to become leaders who think and act strategically by promoting ethical values that can bring about improvements and changes in the work environment.

The Master of Management is accredited "A", and to date has produced more than 2,500 graduates who are professional, have an entrepreneurial spirit and are based on the noble values of Pancasila. The Master of Management Study Program opens several specializations as follows:

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Financial management
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Strategic Management
  5. Risk management

"Becoming a Master of Management Study Program that is superior, professional and reputable based on the ability to make strategic decisions based on the noble values of Pancasila"

"Providing Quality Education, Research and Community Service that is Beneficial to Society"