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Past Learning Recognition Program (RPL)

General information


is the assessment result of recognition of a person's learning achievements obtained from non-formal, informal education and/or work experience that can be proven validly and authentically.

RPL Assessment Mechanism for Acquiring SKS

Self-Interview of Prospective Students

At this stage, the self-evaluation form that has been submitted by the prospective participant is verified and validated by the assessor. With this self-evaluation form, prospective participants are given the opportunity to determine the level of proficiency in the knowledge and skills they have, both from non-formal and informal education and from work experience in relevant industries.

Interview with Assessor

If, according to the information provided in the self-evaluation, the candidate shows the potential to be able to take part in RPL, then the next stage is to collect further evidence through interviews. With this interview, the candidate and assessor have the opportunity to have a professional conversation about the knowledge and skills required.

Gather Additional Evidence

To complete the evidence that has been obtained at the stage mentioned above, candidates may be given the opportunity to collect further documentary evidence to support the fulfillment of the candidate's claim regarding the statement of performance criteria for competency units or competency clusters, or learning achievement criteria for courses or learning modules that are still considered not enough.


If the results of the self-evaluation and interview show that the candidate's verbal and theoretical knowledge is still inadequate, then the assessment can be continued at the next stage, namely observing and assessing the candidate's performance in demonstrating knowledge and skills in the learning outcomes of the courses to be recognized. Assessment can be carried out using the questioning method (written assessment), giving structured assignments or practical assignments, or if necessary, conducting observations at the candidate's workplace.

Registration Flow for the RPL Path to Obtain SKS

Registrants create a registration account on the website 

After creating an account, select the RPL Registration Route, please fill in the registration data completely including the choice of faculty you are interested in and download the RPL pathway selection card.

The assessment process in each study program brings a selection card and required documents.

Announcement of Selection Results will be announced directly on each registration account.

If there has been an announcement of the selection results with a statement of acceptance, applicants can immediately choose a tuition payment scheme.

Register/Re-register and take your alma mater.

Study Programs to choose from

RPL Study Program Earning Credits
  • Masters in Accounting
  • Masters in Management
  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering

The study programs that can be selected on the RPL pathway are as follows:

Study program Level Faculty Guide for Prospective Students Recognition Registration Form
Accountancy Master's Degree Graduate School Download Document Download Document
Management Master's Degree Graduate School Download Document Download Document
Mechanical Engineering Master's Degree Technique Download Document Download Document