Graduate School
Pancasila University
Institution Accreditation
ISO 21001:2018

Master of Management Curriculum


 Digital Era Marketing Management

 Managerial Economics

 Information Technology Management

 Managerial Ethics and Governance


 Research Management and Quantitative Analysis

 Operational Management

 Pancasila Character Human Resources

 Accounting For Managers

3rd semester

 Marketing Management concentration

 Customer Relations Marketing

 Global Marketing

 Service Management in the Digital Era

 Strategic Marketing Management

 Analytical and Innovation Management

Financial Management Concentration

International Management Finance

Behavioral Finance

Business Valuations

Enterprise Risk Management

Investment Analysis

Human Resource Management Concentration

Leadership and Group Dynamics

Human Capital Plan

Strategic Human Capital Management

Talent Management

Harmonious Industrial Relations

Strategic Management Concentration

Entrepreneur Strategic Management

International Business

Dynamic Environment

Global Value Chains

Analytical Management Innovation


 Risk Management Concentration

 Strategic Management Entrepreneurship

 Good Corporate Governance

 Enterprise Risk Management

 Internal Control System

Investment Analysis

 General Insurance Management Concentration

 Strategic Management Entrepreneurship

 Insurance Management

 Underwriting Management

 Insurance Financial Management (Reinsurance)

 Enterprise Risk Management