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Pancasila University
Institution Accreditation
ISO 21001:2018

About the S3 Economics Study Program

History of the Doctoral Program in Economics

The Doctoral Program in Economics (S3) is a Graduate School Program at Pancasila University with a Doctoral degree in Economics (S3) based on the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education Ministry of National Education Number: 4228/D/T/2004 and extended by Decree of the Director General of Higher Education Ministry of National Education Number: 415/D/T/K-III/2009, dated 31 December 2009.

The Doctoral Program in Economics is supported by Professors and Expert Lecturers in their respective fields, namely Management and Accounting who have been accredited "B" with an emphasis on innovative Management in order to form managers who are able to respond to management dynamics in accordance with progress science of technology and science is directed to produce graduates who are able and able to act as professionals, consultants, teachers (lecturers) and researchers in the field of economics, especially in the field of business management.

"Being Excellent Doctoral Study Program on Economics majoring in Management and in Accountancy as internationally oriented on basis of Noble Values of Pancasila"


  1. To organize an Excellent Doctoral Program in Economics (PDIE) majoring in Management and Accountancy based on GUG, Update-Curriculum, competent Lecturers with an international perspective and responsive to global issues for the independence of a national competitiveness
  2. To conduct research locally and abroad through a systems approach in the context of the Industry 4.0 transition
  3. Organizing Research-Based Community Service and Professionalism delivered to SMEs
  4. Organizing cooperation in the field of science and technology with government and private institutions, both domestically and abroad.


  1. To prepare smart and competent graduates based on the characteristics of Pancasila, highly integrated, and professionals in management and accountancy having kept abreast of science and technology
  2. To increase the novelty of research by establishing national and global cooperative relationships based on the principles of transparency and accountability with various parties.
  3. To improve the welfare of the national and international community and the competitiveness of SMEs.
  4. To cooperate in the field of technology and science with Government and private sectors, both nationally and internationally