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YearTitleWriterJournal NameConcentrationLink
Aug-21The Influence of Motivation and Information Technology on Employee Performance at the Bogor Regency Central Bureau of Statistics (Bps) With Work Productivity as an Intervening VariableDwi Purnama Indah, Tri Widyastuti, and Fahurddin SalimManagement Business Economics Vol. 5Human Resource Management
April 21The Effect of Organizational Climate and Quality of Work Life on Employee Productivity Through Job Satisfaction with Moderation of Organizational Culture (Case Study on Customer Sales Representatives at Grapari Telkomsel Outlets in the Jabodetabek Region – 2020)Sri Redjeki, Mombang Sihite, and Edy SupriyadiJournal of Management Business Economics Vol. 5 No. 3Human Resource Management
Dec-19The Influence of Human Resource Management Practices and Perceptions of Organizational Support on the Relationship between Employees and Quality of Work Life as Intervening VariablesBambang Avianto, Derriawan, and TabroniJournal of Management Business Economics Vol. 4 No. 1Human Resource Management
Aug-2019Determinants of Earings Response Confficence and the Role of Accounting Conservatism as a Moderator in Property and Real Estate CompaniesRina Nurmalina, Suratno, Widarto Rachbini, and Syahril DjaddangJournal of Accounting and Taxation Research (JRAP)Accounting Management
Aug-19Analysis of the Role of the Fertilizer Industry In Influencing Economic SectorsZulkifliJournal of Management Business Economics Vol. 4 No. 1Industrial Management
Aug-19HR Challenges Facing Industry 4.0: ProfessionalismAhmad Ramdan SalimJournal of Accounting Economic Management InnovationManagement Science
Jan-21The Effect of Applying Minimum Medicine Service Standards on Hospital Image and Patient LoyaltyRegar N. Dhea, Sampurno, Derriawan, and Susilo RintoIndonesian Scientific Journal Vol. 6 No. 1Pharmaceutical Business
Nov-19Customer Style Inventory, The Usage of Facebook, and Purchase Intention: Are They ConnectedWidarto Rachbini, and Anna AgustinaJournal of Business Strategy Vol. 23 No. 1Operation management
Apr-20The Influence of Several Global Stock Indices and the Dollar (Usd) Exchange Rate on the Composite Stock Price Index on the Indonesian Stock Exchange and Their Impact on Company Stock Returns in the Consumer Goods Industry SectorMuhaimin Zikri, Derriawan, and Fahruddin SalimJournal of Management Business Economics Vol. 4 No. 3Financial Accounting
Aug-19The Effect of Service Quality and Trust on Customer Satisfaction and Its Impact on Company Reputation (Empirical Study of Umrah and Hajj Travel Companies in East Jakarta)Buddy, Tabroni, and Fahruddin SalimJournal of Management Business EconomicsStrategic Management
Aug-20Role of Stakeholders, Project Performance, Government Policy on Psn Ahmad Yani Airport SemarangAknes Andriyani, Mombang Sihite, and Edy SupriyadiJournal of Management Business Economics Vol. 5 No. 1airport journal
May-21Employee Performance Strategy To Improve Company Performance At Pt. Swadharma Means of InformaticsAlya Zulfa Cahyani, Syahril Djaddang, and Mombang SihiteKRISNA: Collection of Accounting Research Vol. 9 No. 2Tax accounting
Dec-21Literacy for Compilation of Individual Income Tax Reporting for Small Business Actors, MSME City/Regency SukabumiSusilawati, Syahril Djaddang, Zulkifli, Mombang Sihite, Findita, Numala Ahmar, and M. ArdiansyahCAPACITERA: Journal of Community Service SPs Vol. 1 No. 3Accounting & Auditing Science
Sep-19Analysis of Mobile E-Commerce Repurchase Intention with the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) ApproachWidarto Rachbini, Fahruddin Slim, Marissa Grace Haque, and Emi RahmawatiJournal of Management and Business Applications (JABM)Marketing Journal
Jun-20The Effect of Brand Image and Sales Competence on Toyota Yaris Purchase Decisions and Their Impact on Customer LoyaltyDefriko Saputra, Tabroni, and Widarto RachbiniEkbank Scientific Journal Vol. 3 No. 1Marketing Management
Aug-19The Effect of Transformational Leadership and Compensation on Employee Performance Through Integrity as an Intervening Variable for Bank BNI Rawamangun EmployeesE. Esti, Soedijanto Padmowiharjo, and TabroniJournal of Management Business EconomicsHuman Resource Management