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Universitas Pancasila
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ISO 21001:2018

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Dr. Silverius Y. Soeharso. S.E., M.M., Psikologi



Dosen Tetap

Metode Riset dan Analisis Kuantitatif / Customer  Relation Marketing

No.Perguruan TinggiGelar AkademikTanggal IjazahJenjang
1Universitas IndonesiaS.Psi1989S1
2Universitas IndonesiaS.E.1996S1
3Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma JayaM.M.2000S2
4Universitas IndonesiaDr2006S3
5Universitas TarumanagaraM.Psi2022S2

1.     The Impact of Brand Society and Narrative Branding on Brand Image and its Implications on Consumer Purchase Behavior: A Case Study of Luxury Fashion Brands in Jakarta

Journal : Journal of Law and Sustainable Development, 2023, Pages e1387-e1387, Artikel

2.     The Construct and Predictive Validity Testing of Indinesian Entrepreneurial Competence Inventory-Situstional Judgment Test-Model

Journal : Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2022, Pages 1-19, Artikel

3.     The Intentions To Become Entrepreneurs In The Indonesian Vocational School Graduates

Journal : Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, 2021, Pages 1-5, Artikel

4.     The Effect of Organizational Culture on Employee Engagement with Work Ethic (Hard Work) as A Moderating Variable: Case Study on Millennial Generation Employees at PT X

Journal : Jurnal Ilmiah Psikologi MIND SET, 2020, Pages 46-54, Artikel

5.     Improvement of policies and institutional in developing safety culture in the construction industry to improve the maturity level, safety performance and project performance in Indonesia

Journal : International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, 2018, Pages 1022-1032, Artikel