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Pancasila University
Institution Accreditation
ISO 21001:2018

UP Postgraduate School Undergoes Visitation with Accreditation Institutions

The Master of Accounting Study Program (S-2) at the Postgraduate School of Pancasila University underwent an offline accreditation visitation with the Independent Accreditation Institute for Economics, Management, Business and Accounting (Lamemba). In this Assessment the Assessor on duty namely Prof. Dr. Hamfri Djajadikerta, Drs., MM and Dr. Efrizal Syofyan, SE, M.Sc., Ak. CA, located at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Pancasila University, Monday 08 August 2022. This field assessment activity will be carried out for the next 3 (three) days starting from 08 to 10 August 2022.

This field assessment activity was warmly welcomed by the Chancellor of Pancasila University, Prof. Dr. Edie Toet Hendratno, SH, M.Sc., FCBArb and the Deputy Chancellors, Director of the Postgraduate School Prof. Dr. Sutjipto along with the Assistant Directors, Deans and Deputy Deans of the Faculty of Economics and Business as well as all management and lecturers of the Master of Accounting. In his remarks, the Chancellor expressed his gratitude, welcome and congratulations on carrying out his duties to the two assessors, I hope this field visitation can run smoothly and produce satisfactory results, said the Chancellor of UP.

In opening the field visitation, the assessor conveyed that this assessment activity included a self-evaluation document (DED) which described the profile of the Study Program Management Unit, explained the external and internal conditions faced by the Study Program, achievements made by the Study Program and analysis, development strategy, and sustainability. From the data and information in the DED, it is hoped that the Study Program Management Unit and Study Program can identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as a basis for making future improvements. The DED Preparation Guide is expected to make it easier for the Study Program Management Unit and Study Program to carry out the accreditation process.

In addition, the assessors also conveyed that they would carry out an assessment of the Study Program Performance Document (DKPS) which contains performance indicators that reflect the fulfillment or exceedance of national higher education standards. Of course, other parties involved in this accreditation visitation, such as active students of the Master of Accounting study program, alumni of the Master of Accounting study program, and also industry parties related to the Master of Accounting study program.